Letter: What is Spartz doing to help Hooisers? 



While reading your recent article, “Q&A: Spartz reflects on first months in Congress” (May 11), I was struck by Rep. Victoria Spartz’s low expectations of the institution to which she strove so hard to join. 

“I didn’t have very high expectations … such a serious institution with an important function and it’s become dysfunctional,” she said.

Spartz talks a great deal about H.R. 1, a bill to organize the disparate election and often repressive election laws throughout the states. She disparages that the federal government would have a say in the matter of the elections in these United States.

Spartz complains about the COVID-19  bill being too expensive (where does she get her figures on it and what precisely are they — just money for the vaccines?). The American public overwhelmingly supports it. Infrastructure has been ignored for many years by both parties because agreement was not achieved. The longer one waits to fix a problem, the higher the price tag.

Did Spartz vote against the bill that provided financial help to restaurant owners all across this country and then take credit for it as many of her fellow Republicans did?

When Spartz ran, she presented herself as a capable business woman — creative and hard working. She is now part of an organization, which, if dysfunctional as she says, she must bear part of the responsibility. What precisely is she doing to make it more functional?

We do have much to offer in Indiana, but there also is room for improvement. We rank low among the states in many areas: Education, the rate of infant mortality, health, voter participation and the number vaccinated for COVID-19.

President Biden favors building natural energy resources—wind and solar. My cousin, a Republican farmer, could benefit greatly if wind turbines were advanced in Indiana. That is something that Spartz could do.

Instead of complaining about her job, Spartz should work to introduce, co-sponsor and lead legislation that will help Indiana’s citizens. I can’t understand why Spartz thinks that she can take a job and do nothing because she’s not happy with the work environment!

As the same issue of Current quoted Theodore Roosevelt, ”Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” 

Anything else is just noise.

Patricia L. Otten, Carmel