At the Table with Anna: Daniel’s Vineyard


Where to go: Daniel’s Vineyard

Address: 9061 N. 700 W., McCordsville

What to get: Sweet summer strawberry artisan pizza

Price: $16.99

Anna’s take: Daniel’s Vineyard has a beautiful atmosphere and is a great place to go with friends or on a date to enjoy excellent wine, live music and, most important, artisan pizza. I’ll probably lose some fans for this, but I hate thick-crust pizza. Any pizza that even remotely resembles a casserole is not the pizza for me, so I love that Daniel’s Vineyard creates pizzas on a thin, artisan crust. Pizza and wine may seem like a strange pairing, but Daniel’s Vineyard’s sophisticated toppings make the overall experience delightful. My favorite was the sweet summer strawberry pizza, a new offering that made with a sweet chili glaze, grilled chicken, local strawberries, Greek goat cheese yogurt, diced bacon and greens atop a delicate cauliflower crust. It was light and tasty and is an excellent dish to enjoy in the heat of summer. Other pizzas I tried were the Daniel’s CBR, or chicken bacon ranch, and the Margherita, which is always a crowd favorite.

Suggested pairings: The watermelon rose canned wine paired delightfully with the sweet summer strawberry pizza. Don’t dismiss the canned wine at Daniel’s Vineyard until you try it. Trust me, it’s incredible.