Letter: An open letter to Gov. Holcomb


Gov. Holcomb,

As an educator, I believe strongly in following science and listening to qualified medical professionals to help craft a health plan. Medical personnel are not perfect, but when the collective medical community says the same message, we must listen.

What is your hesitancy in requiring masks and vaccinations in Indiana to lower our COVID cases and boost our percentage of fully vaccinated individuals? My husband had to go to the ER at IU North as he had severe neck pain. His doctor was not available, and the nurse said he should go to the ER to have it checked. While in the ER, he had to sit on a bed in the hall of the ER as all the rooms were full, mostly with COVID cases. He double masked and we are fully vaccinated and boosted, but it was very uncomfortable.

I grew up in Gary and am a proud Hoosier, but I am not supporting your reluctance to take a firmer leadership stand on getting COVID under control in our state. We are lifelong Democrats and do, for the most part, support your work as our governor, but this is an area where you need to step up your game. When did individual “rights” supersede what is needed for the common good?

We do appreciate the regular radio broadcasts you and (Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina) Box do. Very informative, but, as I listen to the numbers and then do not hear how we are going to combat them with a firm and clear policy, I am dismayed.

Thank you for your service.

Shelley Carey, Carmel