Musselman Landscape Solutions offers opportunities for retirees


In the past, Musselman Landscape Solutions has found a bountiful source of employees in an unlikely demographic – retirees.

The Noblesville-based landscape company has had up to 10 retirees employed at once, but now only employs one at the moment. The company found its first retired employee by accident. Original owners Steve and Marilyn Musselman had been friends with Skip Peck for nearly 50 years. When Peck retired from the grain elevator business, Steve Musselman was just starting his business.

“He got to the point where he needed help and he called me one day, and since I was retired, he asked if I would come out and help him for a couple of weeks,” said Peck, a Noblesville resident, who has worked for the company since 1991.

Now 77, Peck recently scaled back his work by only driving landscape trucks in the spring when business picks up.

“I’m still working at my age because I feel better when I get up and go to work,” he said.

Sales and Marketing Specialist Samantha Boram Guffy said drivers have flexible schedules, which is attractive for someone who is retired.

“We have people that call in and customers ask for Skip, specifically. A lot of our drivers over the years have made friends with our customers and they ask for them by name,” she said. “They really enjoy it.”

Peck said he has always regarded relationships as an important part of life.
“I have been delivering to the same customers for 20 years or more, and these relationships get formed,” he said. “It’s not just a business relationship anymore. Now, they’re also friends.”

Boram Guffy said the landscaping season begins around mid-March and that drivers work nearly full-time for two months until work begins to slow.

Musselman Landscape Solutions is still in the Musselman family. It was sold to Frank Gieseking in 2017. Gieseking is married to a Musselman.

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