Construction of roundabout at 116th Street, Range Line Road set to begin May 2 

CIC COM 0503 116th RAB map
Traffic will shift at 116th Street and Range Line Road as construction on a new roundabout begins. (Map courtesy of the City of Carmel)

The intersection at Range Line Road and Medical Drive is set to reopen by the end of April 28 when the City of Carmel debut’s its newest roundabout.

Construction on another roundabout – which will be the city’s 143rd – is set to begin at Range Line Road and 116th Street on May 2. The roundabout will be constructed one half at a time with 116th Street remaining open throughout the 110-day project.

Traffic lane adjustments will begin on or after April 28 to prepare for construction.

According to the City of Carmel:

  • The northern half of the roundabout is to be constructed with continued vehicular traffic on 116th Street and limited connectivity to Westfield Boulevard. Therefore, southbound Range Line Road will not have access to this intersection.

  • Drivers traveling eastbound on 116th Street will be able to turn south onto Westfield Boulevard or continue eastbound on 116th Street.

  • Drivers traveling northbound on Westfield Boulevard will only be able to continue east on 116th Street.

  • Drivers traveling westbound on 116th Street will only be able to continue westbound for the first two months of the project while the north half of the intersection is being completed.