Dronedek hires news COO

Mark Hamm headshot
Mark Hamm

Tech company Dronedek has hired Mark Hamm as its new chief operating officer. Hamm has previously worked for companies such as FedEx, ServiceMaster and AutoZone.

“We’re very pleased that Mark was interested in joining our team and know that he brings an incredible knowledge base that will enhance our product and operations,” Dronedek’s Chief Executive Officer Dan O’Toole stated in a press release.

According to O’Toole, Dronedek was impressed by Hamm’s experience.

During his time at FedEx, Hamm was the vice president of innovation. 

Hamm began his new role at Dronedek earlier this month. O’Toole, a Carmel resident, founded the Indianapolis-based tech company eight years ago.

“I felt like this was a huge opportunity, and I didn’t want to see someone else doing it,” O’Toole stated.

Dronedek specializes in smart mailboxes that can receive packages from a variety of handlers.

According to the company’s website, “The versatility of each unit means that it’s compatible with a wide range of delivery services including conventional, autonomous, robotic and drone delivery methods.”

One issue that Dronedek wants to address through its smart mailboxes is package theft. More than $9 billion in goods and services is lost through theft or inaccurate deliveries annually, according to the company. 

And with Hamm now a part of its team, O’Toole believes Dronedek’s future is even more promising.

“We’re excited to introduce Dronedek to the world,” O’Toole stated.

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