Opinion: Nerdy but nice


Friends, I’m recently back from Nerd Camp, and I. Am. Pumped! Technically, I attended a professional development colloquium for teachers on Thomas Jefferson, but for me, a huge American history fan, the weekend was a sort of all-expenses paid Disney experience, complete with like-minded goobers from across the nation, an actual political science professor and surprisingly good food. The best part? I was allotted a single, 1970s-era dorm room with its own bathroom and a super-firm, 2-inch foam mattress. Introvert heaven!

So, what did I learn? Besides confirming my view that T.J. is way overrated as president (I’ll give him the Louisiana Purchase and that’s it!), the seminar allowed me to make a few keen social observations. First and foremost, there’s always “that guy.” In this case, it was a gentleman from Illinois who insisted on prefacing each of his questions with a vomiting of historical facts. He talked more than our fearless Ph.D. leader, constantly hijacking the conversation in a condescending manner. We get it, Joshua. You’re smart. Now shut the heck up!

Second, people who constantly mutter negative comments under their breath are beyond annoying. I know they know I can hear them, but they don’t seem the least bit concerned about being a distraction from the conversation, not to mention a real energy drag (I’m talking to you, Jinnifer with an i). Either speak your mind for everyone to hear or zip it. This rude whispering nonsense doesn’t fly.

Finally, in 90-degree heat, even professional educators revert to middle school antics. We just do.

I still have five weeks before school starts, but thanks to Nerd Camp, I’m pumped!

Peace out.