State senator opens new campaign headquarters in Zionsville


State Sen. J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) has opened a new campaign headquarters in Zionsville. Located at 1505 W. Oak St., it will serve as the hub for his 2022 District 29 reelection campaign.

“Zionsville is centrally located, which makes it accessible for a lot of the folks in the district and being accessible is one of the core pillars of my service,” Ford said. “Zionsville is also one of the fastest-growing, fastest-changing towns in our state, maybe even the country. We wanted to make sure we had a firm footing in the Zionsville portion of the Senate district so we could really get a sense of whats on the minds of voters.”

Ford said he will be working in all areas of the district in every precinct to reach as many voters as he can but feels Zionsville is special.

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“Both for how rapidly the town is changing and how eager the voters are to reflect those changes when they go to the ballot box,” Ford said.

Although Ford believes there are a lot of practical reasons to have a physical location, he said the value of having a shared space for everyone to gather in the heart of the community is something that “cant be measured in dollars and cents.”

“I remember in 2018 on Election Day thinking to myself how humbling it was to see so many people believe in me,” Ford said. “To me, I think having this space is another little way to say that were still a community, were still here for each other and we’ve still got work to do.”

Ford said volunteers will be the foundation of the campaign as they were during the last election.

“Honestly, I thought the enthusiasm might have been a little dulled this time around now that Im the incumbent, but, boy, was I wrong. The outpouring of support has been astounding and humbling,” Ford said. “We even had to start using an online tool to help keep track of and organize our volunteers and we’ve already had to upgrade our subscription level because we have so many volunteer sign-ups. Its a good problem to have.”

Ford is excited to be back out in the community talking to people every day.

“Some of the responsibilities as a state legislator leave you holed up in the Capitol instead of out there with the people. I always make a point to be an active member of the community and engage with my constituents whenever I can,” he said. “But being back on the campaign trail really gives me the opportunity to talk to the people of the district on a whole new level, and thats what got me into public service in the first place.”

His primary message to voters is simple.

“When you first elected me, I believed we could accomplish anything together, and I still believe that today,” he said. “No matter what challenges we’ve faced, I have always been there to stand up for the people of District 29. Indiana has effectively been under one party rule for over a decade and the super majorities in both chambers of the legislature have done no favors for the people of our state.

“The last thing we want to do is allow them to grow that super majority and allow them to continue passing laws that are out of step with Hoosier values and commonsense.”