ILEARN scores improve slightly at Westfield Washington Schools


By Anna Skinner and Ann Marie Shambaugh

Westfield Washington Schools made slight increases this year in the percentage of third- through eighth-grade students passing the English and math portions of the state’s standardized ILEARN test.

According to the Indiana Dept. of Education, 51.2 percent of Westfield students were found to be proficient in English and math. Westfield Washington Schools students scored well above state averages.

Statewide, 2022 ILEARN results show 41.2 percent of students are proficient in English/language arts, and 39.4 percent meet that standard in math. In Westfield, those totals are 60.3 percent and 63.2 percent, respectively.

“We genuinely value data in our district because it informs us on the best ways to continue to provide an excellent academic experience for each student. We’ve analyzed the data from the last three ILEARN exams and will use it to give us perspective on how to best meet the needs of our students because data is best when combined with the actual experiences of our students and staff,” stated John Atha, assistant superintendent, curriculum and instruction. “As we move forward, we will use the 2022 data set as our baseline and compare this year’s data to future years to chart our growth as a district.”

In 2021, 48.3 percent of Westfield students passed the English and math tests. Schools did not administer the test in 2020 because of the COVID-19 outbreak. In 2019, 57.1 percent of Westfield students were found to be proficient in English and math.