Local 5K benefits Zionsville and Haiti


By Sammy Bredar

St. Alphonsus Parish in Zionsville is conducting its 15th annual You Can Call Me Al 5K. The race begins at 8 a.m. Aug. 6 for adults. There is a free kids run at 9 a.m. for children 10 and younger.

Kim Reinhart, chair of the 5K, emphasized the benefits for both the local community and St. Alphonsus’ twin parish in Croix Fer, Haiti.

So, the funds will provide money for sack lunch programs for the Shalom House in Boone County, and also the proceeds will also benefit the community of Croix Fer,” Reinhart said.

Although the 5K does not have a specified fundraising goal, Reinhart expects a solid number of participants.

“Our goal is basically numbers of people, and then by doing that, then we would achieve a goal that would allow us to have reserves for the lunch program and our gift of water program,” she said.

Each year, the 5K is presented in a slightly different format.

“Every year, either at the end, the last weekend of July or the first week or two of August on a Saturday we will host the You Can Call Me Al race, and sometimes there will be a festival or something attached to it,” Reinhart said. “And in the years past, we’ve also had festivals, but this particular year we’re just hosting the race.”

Registration is available until the morning of the race at zionsvillecatholic.com/5k.