Letter: Spartz’s remarks after Mar-a-Lago search ‘grossly irresponsible’ 



On Aug. 13, I attended a public meeting with our representative in Congress, Victoria Spartz. In addressing the recent search of an ex-president’s property by the FBI, she likened it to something that happens in a “police state” and equated the FBI with the KGB.

These comments came after visiting the ex-president the day after the search and publicly stating that she stands with him, after days of threats of violence against the FBI and the Dept of Justice, and after an actual attack on an FBI office in Ohio. For a member of Congress to make such reckless, inflammatory comments in this context is grossly irresponsible.

She could have taken a measured approach in support of the rule of law and the rights and responsibilities of all citizens, including ex-presidents, consistent with her oath of office to support and defend the Constitution.

While every American has the right to express their beliefs, elected officials should be held to the higher standard they signed up for when they took the oath. I call on Rep. Spartz to publicly apologize for her remarks and to reaffirm her promise to defend the Constitution and the values it enshrines.

Otherwise, I encourage all voters of good faith to unite in holding her to that higher standard in November. To return her to office is to perpetuate the cynical partisan erosion of faith in our institutions and to foster the rule of the mob over the rule of law. Instead, vote for a third-party, a Democrat, or a write-in Republican candidate who will honor their oath.

Mike Senuta, Carmel