‘One Dark Night’ lands at Palladium


Nick Zaza is eager to see how his Halloween stage extravaganza plays in other markets.

The first one was performed in in 2018 in Akron, Ohio, where Zaza is based. The classically trained rock guitarist has previously played other shows across Ohio.

“One Dark Night…A Rock Symphony of the Macabre” will make its out-of-state debut at 8 p.m. Oct. 22 at the Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

“We’re excited because the Palladium is beautiful,” said Zaza, who will perform four shows this month. “That’s the date I’m most looking forward to this year.”

The show will then be in the Pittsburgh area later in the month.

“The show is a celebration of the Gothic classical music from some of the great composers, Prokofiev, Mozart, Beethoven. The musical element is classical music, rocked up with the band,” said Zaza, a classically trained guitarist. “It’s really electrified. We bring in the seasonal Halloween element. We love the classical Hollywood monsters, Frankenstein and Dracula, but quite possibly, could the real monster be inside of us, the monster within? We have a story that goes through it and great multimedia visuals behind us. It’s really an immersive experience.”

There are actors performing as “haunters” who loom throughout the set and venue,

There is a six-person band for the orchestral rock show and a narrator.

“It seems to be catching on and blowing up,” said Zaza, who also tours with his own band. “October is certainly the month for this, but the story itself, the monster within, it could be a year-round production. The classical music works any time of the year. We do some demented remakes of rock songs.”

Zaza has performed ‘Danse Macabre” with the Akron Symphony Orchestra.

“I was struck with how easily that music translated into guitar music,” Zaza said. “That was a light bulb moment for me that I had to turn this into something legitimate and really do something with it.”

Zaza lived in Indianapolis about 15 years ago.

“I loved it,” Zaza said. “I did workshops and clinics in Guitar Works in Greenwood. Indianapolis was always kind to me when I was there. The people love music, so I think it will be a winning combination for our show.”

For tickets, visit thecenterpresents.org