Magician holds shows at Feinstein’s

ND DECEPTION 1018 pic 1
David Ranalli displays some of his card tricks. (Photo courtesy of David Ranalli)

David Ranalli is certainly practiced in the art of deception.

“I got to meet (famous magician) David Copperfield when I started (at age 13), and I started doing magic in different types of restaurants when I was about 14,” Ranalli said. “I studied communications and public relations at Southern Illinois University. I use a lot of that (experience) in my show and to kind of uphold my career.”

The 34-year-old Indianapolis resident started performing regularly at Feinstein’s cabaret in Carmel’s Hotel Carmichael In August. He will present his show “Deception: An Evening of Magic & Lies” at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 27. He returns Nov. 23 with his once-a-month performance. 

“I’m slated to appear through January and, hopefully, they will want me to continue after that,” he said. 

In addition to performances, Ranalli performs magic at corporate events and conducts workshops on persuasion and influence for corporate meetings.

Ranalli said Feinstein’s has been a perfect venue for him.

“It’s been a nice, high-energy room,” Ranalli said. “Everyone shows up ready for magic. I put them in and it’s a really interactive show. I love it.”

Feinstein’s doors open at 5:30 p.m., so Ranalli shares some magic while guests have dinner. His hourlong show begins at 7:30 p.m.

“There is definitely sleight of hand magic in the stage show,” Ranalli said. “There also is a lot of mind reading and influencing people, sort of in the mentalism category of magic. You are playing off of people’s natural instincts and getting into their heads a little bit.”

The performance is primarily for those 12 and older.

Originally from Chicago, Ranalli has lived in Indianapolis for 10 years. He still frequently performs in Chicago, where he has family. 

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