Carmel City Council approves 2023 budget, reviews rezone request on 1st Avenue SE


The Carmel City Council met Oct. 17 to approve the 2023 budget, introduce an ordinance rezoning four parcels along 1st Avenue SE and more. Read about additional items discussed at the meeting at

What happened: The council approved the 2023 budget.

What it means: The $177.4 million budget is 3 percent larger than the 2022 budget and contains a 6 percent cost-of-living adjustments and one-time 2 percent bonus for city employees to help keep pace with inflation. Councilors amended the budget Oct. 17 to lower funding from the mayor’s office for arts organizations to 1 percent of the general fund, matching the 2022 budget.

What’s next: The budget will go into effect Jan. 1, 2023. The mayor can request additional appropriations if needed for arts organizations.


What happened: The council introduced an ordinance rezoning four parcels along 1st Avenue SE between 1st Street SE and Supply Street from residential to C2/mixed-use.

What it means: Parcels on the west side of the block are already zoned C2, and the proposed ordinance would lead to the entire block being zoned for mixed-use. The Carmel Redevelopment Commission is working with developers on a plan for the site, which includes a three-story mixed-use development on the west side anchored by 1933 Lounge.

What’s next: The council’s Land Use and Special Studies committee will review the ordinance. A meeting date has not been set.


What happened: The council approved the 2023 fee schedule for Brookshire Golf Course.

What it means: Season pass rates will be $2,175 for a single, $1,975 for a senior single, $2,975 for a couple, $2,775 for a senior couple, $599 for a junior and $1,275 for an executive. The schedule also includes weekday and weekend rates and other fees.


What happened: The council approved an ordinance on first reading establishing a three-hour parking zone on a portion of Community Drive.

What it means: The zone runs along both sides of Community Drive to a point 555 feet south of the intersection of Community Drive and 146th Street. Councilor Sue Finkam introduced the ordinance to address several large vehicles recently being parked in the area for an extended period of time.