Zionsville clinic takes unique approach to healthcare


FreedomDoc, a direct primary care clinic in Zionsville, recently announced its grand opening will be Jan. 2, 2023. According to the clinic’s physician, Dr. Anastasia Boyer, members of FreedomDoc pay a monthly fee to have unlimited visits as well as direct contact with their doctor at any time.

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Dr. Anastasia Boyer

Boyer said the goal is to provide patients with another option besides an emergency room visit when they are in need of primary care, so she does her best to manage her patients’ care as efficiently as possible.

“It feels more like I’m like the hub,” Boyer said. “We try to limit how many specialists you have to see and hopefully keep you out of the hospital by practicing preventative medicine. That way, you aren’t getting sick as often, or if you do, we treat it early.”

Essentially, Boyer is qualified to treat any condition that a family doctor is trained to do, from conducting regular checkups to treating illnesses, performing mole biopsies, administering X-rays and more for all ages of patients. Boyer is also trained in osteopathic medicine, which she said can provide options to utilize musculoskeletal techniques as an adjunct to traditional medicine and chronic care management.

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The FreedomDoc clinic is located at 114 N. Main St. in Zionsville.

“I know that the $99 seems very steep per month, but if you think about even avoiding one ER visit or one urgent care visit that would pay for several months of membership,” Boyer said.

Boyer said although she is the only doctor at the Zionsville location, limiting the total number of patients to 500 allows her to ensure a familiarity with her patients while still providing affordable care to as many individuals as possible.

“If you have a sick kid in the middle of the night, you have questions or something happens on a weekend or a holiday, that’s what we’re here for,” Boyer said. “We want to make sure that all your care is in one place, and it feels like home to you.”