Duke Energy selects routes for new power lines


Duke Energy has selected the preferred routes for two new 6-kilovolt power transmission lines to meet the needs of individuals living and working in Noblesville and Westfield.

The company said continued growth of both cities is demanding more of the local electric transmission system. The backbone of the area’s electric system is a 230-kilovolt line that runs north to south, parallel to Moon Road and North Gray Road that was built in 1984.

To prepare for future growth and maintain reliable service, Duke Energy must build a new substation and two new transmission lines, officials said.

“We appreciate the community’s participation throughout the planning phase of this project,” said Mark LaBarr, government and community relations manager at Duke Energy. “We remain committed to engaging with local residents and keeping them informed about this project as we work to support the tremendous growth and development underway in Noblesville and Westfield.”

  The new substation will be built near the intersection of Westfield Road/Ind. 32 East and Moontown Road/North Gray Road. Two new 69-kV power lines will originate from this new substation and connect to an existing 69-kilovolt transmission line to the southwest and an existing substation – Westfield Northeast – to the north, officials said.

The new northern line will be about 2 ½ miles long, and the new southern line will be about 1.8 miles long. The location and alignments of the routes for these new transmission lines can be identified by visiting duke-energy.com/our-company/about-us/electric-transmission-projects/Noblesville#:~:text=Project%20Overview,local%20power%20lines%20and%20infrastructure.

As part of the route selection process, Duke Energy carefully considered factors such as safety, reliability, land use, and cultural and natural resources, as well as community input, officials said. The company said its goal was to select a route that minimizes impact to homes, personal property, businesses, the environment and the community.

Duke Energy reached out to the community and solicited comments through five virtual and in-person open houses as well as through letters, postcards, emails and phone calls. Officials said they received more than 1,300 comments from residents and members of the community during an extended open comment period.

Preconstruction and construction activities will begin along the routes in early 2023 and will continue until the line is placed in service in 2025. Duke Energy will work directly with individual property owners along the routes to discuss easements or vegetation management that may be needed to construct, operate and maintain the new 69-kilovolt transmission lines.

For more, including locations and alignments of routes for the transmission lines, visit duke-energy.com/Noblesville-Westfield. Individuals can also email [email protected] or call 1-866-302-2729 for more information.