Lawrence Fire Dept. has four openings for experienced firefighters


The City of Lawrence Fire Dept. is seeking firefighters with experience.

Chief Dino Batalis said the department is accepting applications for “lateral” firefighters/paramedics.

CIG COM 0214 fire chief

“That means firefighters who are already with another department, and they are medics,” Batalis said. “We have an active list now. They fill out an application we have online. As long as they are with a current fire department (they can apply). We have an active review board.”

Batalis said the department is seeking to fill four spots on the lateral list.

Batalis said the department also has an active hiring list for applicants who don’t have previous experience. The application for those positions will open in April.

“In Marion County, we do a merit list for two years,” Batalis said. “We draw from that list any time there is an opening or retirement, or if someone leaves or passes away. We go in the exact order of that list. There are different components (the applicants) have to go through on the list. Then I have to present it to the merit board to go over the criteria to certify the list.

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