Peterman Brothers launches program to give back to the community and help those in need


Peterman Brothers, which provides residential plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical services, has launched a new program geared toward giving back to the community and helping those in need.

Each month, the company will give away one system, including installation, through its Peterman Cares program.

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Erin Anderson

“We had gotten several ‘sponsorship’ requests for folks who needed assistance with getting HVAC systems, water heaters and repairs due to financial hardship. We determined that such needs were probably more widespread than the requests we’d received, so we decided to take action,” said Erin Anderson, community engagement manager for Peterman Brothers. “We believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable home with properly functioning plumbing, electrical, water heater and heating and cooling systems, but we understand that sometimes circumstances prevent that from being a reality.”

Although the program only recently launched, the company has already received more than 100 nominations.

“The reaction has been very positive,” Anderson said. “Nominations started rolling in as soon as word got out that the Peterman Cares program existed.”

A committee reads all the nominations and determines which person or family to select each month. Recipients will be selected based on their hardship situation and the work that needs to be completed.

“Our goal is to improve the lives of those in our community by providing essential home services to those who may otherwise be financially unable to acquire them,” Anderson said. 

The specific project will be dependent on the severity of the financial hardship and the urgency of the need.

“This can be a furnace, air conditioner, water heater, electrical, plumbing or sewer installation,” Anderson said. “It does not include mobile homes, septic systems and other home repairs like room remodels, windows, flooring, roofs, etc., because those aren’t services we provide.”

The company plans to continue Peterman Cares indefinitely.

“(That’s) because it is such an important program that will be able to fulfill the needs of so many people,” Andereson said. “We believe that the communities we serve are extensions of our family, so we want to do our part to help those most at-risk have safe and comfortable homes.”

Nominations are accepted on the Peterman Cares page of the Peterman Brother’s website at People can nominate themselves or someone else at any time. 

“We select one recipient each month, and those nominations that aren’t selected are rolled over to the next month for reconsideration,” Anderson said. 

The first recipient of the program will be announced in the near future. 

Other companies that would like to donate time and services can can contact Anderson at [email protected].