2 Carmel caddies earn college tuition, housing scholarships


By Riya Chinni

The Western Golf Association recently awarded 18 Chick Evans Scholarships to caddies throughout Indiana, including to Carmel High School seniors Charles “Charlie” McGuckin and McKinley Woodward.

CIC COM 0307 Caddy Scholarships McGuckin

The competitive scholarship covers tuition and housing. Caddies who have served more than 100 “loops,” or rounds, on a golf course, which typically last four or more hours, are eligible to apply. Recipients are chosen based on strong academic record, extracurriculars and character.

McGuckin, a caddy at Woodland Country Club, plans to study finance and accounting at Purdue University, while Woodward, a caddy at Crooked Stick Golf Club, will study broadcast journalism at Indiana University.

McGuckin said when he started caddying about six years ago, he was about the height of a driver, but he felt extremely welcomed by the members at Woodland Country Club, who taught him how to caddy.

CIC COM 0307 Caddy Scholarships Woodward

“My favorite part (of being a caddy) is building relationships with the members,” McGuckin said. “They’re all very friendly, and it’s neat to hear guys’ stories. I have an interest in business, so it’s fun to talk to them about their careers and ask questions.”

Woodward also began caddying with no prior golfing experience, and she said she learned many lessons through it.

“Being teachable was something that I really learned from caddying, and I think that it’s a really important lesson that I’ll have forever,” Woodward said.

Woodward and McGuckin golf recreationally in addition to caddying.