Carmel High School show choirs set for concert


At the end of the show choir competition season, Carmel High School has one more important concert.

“An Evening of Show Choir” is set for 7 p.m. March 25.

“Our students work all year to put together these shows, and although we perform them out of town every weekend, this is our chance to share them with the most important audience of all,” said Kathrine Kouns, director of CHS choirs. “Our friends, family members and community members are the ones who support us every step of the way, and it is so much fun to give them the gift of our final, and hopefully best, performance of the season.

“There is also a different kind of energy in the room when you know that everyone in the audience is rooting for you to succeed, as opposed to the competitive nature of show choir contests.”

Kouns said all the choirs are performing very different themes for their shows. The Ambassadors have a hometown theme about a water tower town.

“It features music about small-town life, knowing your neighbors, working in the garden, enjoying Friday night high school football, and ends with a big street party similar to our festivals here in Carmel,” Kouns said. “The Accents show is based on the poem, ‘The Dash,’ and takes place in a graveyard, where the ghosts come to life to teach the living how to appreciate their lives and not take moments for granted. New Edition has a show all about moving. It’s full of jumping, bouncing, dancing, and even trampolines. Allegro just has a fun mix of songs that is all about enjoying music and singing.”

Senior Audrey Hockins said she enjoys the Ambassadors’ hometown theme because it’s genuine and relates to all cities nationwide.

“No matter if you have a city as big as Carmel or a small town that has just a few people, everyone can bring that small-town feel to their community,” Hockins said. “A hometown is all about saying hello to your neighbors, going the extra mile to create a community, supporting local events, and cheering extra loud for your peers. Ambassadors is like a small town with one big family.”

Hockins said she looks forward to supporting the other show choirs.

“It is just so fun to watch our fellow Carmel Choir members perform their own pieces of art on stage and put their entire heart into their performance,” Hockins said.

Senior Kate Smith said her favorite part of the Accents’ show is how naturally applicable the lyrics the members sing are applicable to everyday life.

“The lesson of our show is that what truly matters in life is how we live, love and spend our cash is one I will never forget,” Smith said. “I know that everyone who has worked on our show as well as members of our audience feel the same way. As a group, our conviction with sharing that message has pushed us to continually improve beyond what we thought was possible.”

Smith is eager to perform in front of friends and family.

“There’s no one as energized and supportive as your home audience, and I couldn’t be happier that our last time performing our show is for the people that have made our season possible,” she said.

The event is sold out. A video of the performance will be posted on the Carmel High School Performing Arts’ YouTube page by 7 p.m. March 26. There will be no fee to watch. Visit for more information.