Letter: Town’s first mayor: Support Burgess



I am writing to reiterate my unwavering support for Zionsville mayoral candidate Jane Burgess. I have been involved with our town for more than 20 years, and I have seen Jane working hard for our town every step of the way. When speculation first began about who might run for mayor, Jane was the first person I thought of who could be successful in that role.

Jane’s leadership experience in Zionsville runs deep. She served 12 years on the Zionsville Community Schools Board, including time served as board President), where she worked collaboratively with students, parents, staff, the police department, the town Ccuncil, the redevelopment commission, and many not-for-profits who contributed to our schools.  She has been active in volunteering and leading local community organizations and is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities our town faces. On Day 1 as mayor, she will draw on all of these relationships, as well as her critical leadership skills and experience to bring a collaborative and thoughtful approach to our town’s future.

Please join me in supporting Jane Burgess for mayor on May 2nd. We need an experienced and trustworthy leader in the office of mayor; our future depends on it.

Jeff Papa, former Zionsville mayor, Zionsville