Column: Set a ‘screen’ to enjoy outdoor living spaces


Commentary by Bill Bernard

The outdoor temperatures are slowly increasing along with our desire to spend time outside. Patios and decks are great places to enjoy the outdoors, but our unpredictable weather often limits that enjoyment. Adding a screen porch to your outdoor living space allows you to enjoy the sights, sounds and fresh air while being protected from some of the harsher aspects of our outdoor surroundings.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time on a beautifully constructed deck or patio, but there are times when I want to enjoy reading a book or eating a meal without needing to swat away the flies, bees or mosquitoes. Having a screen porch allows me to enjoy time outside without the distraction of bugs.

With the potential incorporation of amenities such as comfy furniture, rugs, ceiling fans, lighting, a television, a fireplace and radiant heaters, a screen porch can be outfitted to serve as an additional family room. For those of you who enjoy an open covered porch and for those times when nature cooperates, your porch can have retractable screens incorporated. The screen panels can be raised or lowered as you desire. With the variety of options available to enhance the enjoyment of a screen porch, I have to place screen porches high on my list of the best outdoor living projects.

Stay home, be moved.