Column: What is mobile occupational and physical therapy?


Commentary by Linda Barnes

Occupational therapy and physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation that incorporates different techniques and procedures to help individuals to regain their motion, improve daily living activities, such as walking, balance, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, bathing/dressing, home safety, fall prevention, maintaining flexibility, etc.

How can occupational and physical therapy benefit you at home? Our OT and PTs are state-licensed therapists who have years of in-home therapy experience that will work with you individually in the comfort of your own home to promote independence.

Have you had recent surgery and need rehabilitation?  Do you have chronic pain? Do you want to try to stay in your own home, but need some adaptations to stay there? Do you want to maintain your current function so you can stay at home? Don’t have a ride to your PT appointment?

You do not have to be homebound to receive these and more services. These services are covered through Medicare Part B and your secondary insurance. There is typically minimal or no cost to you.

Some advantages include the following but are not limited to:

•Avoid taxing effort when leaving your home

•Avoid waiting rooms

•Avoid driving to the clinic

•Same therapist with each visit

•Appointments are built around your schedule

•No homebound restrictions

If you have arthritic pain, chronic back pain, need post-surgical rehabilitation, adaptive equipment needs, chronic medical condition, Therapy on Wheels can help. We also provide maintenance therapy once you have reached your goals. This will allow you to maintain your level of independence and stay in your own home. Please call our office 317-332-9861 for more information or have your physician fax a referral to 317-893-4453.