Letter: Let’s hear from the candidates



The voters have voted in the primaries and now we prepare for the November election. The future of Carmel builds on its past and requires forward-thinking leadership.

We need to schedule debates between opposing candidates so we, the voters, can hear firsthand what vision they have for Carmel. We don’t need candidates to just read a prepared paper to us; we need a real debate where questions are asked by an objective moderator, candidates have opportunities to answer, and time for rebuttals is provided. We need debates accessible to all voters to watch both live and through social media streaming sites.

Voters know the importance of going beyond the “R” and the “D” on the ballots as we take time to learn about all candidates running. What do their websites say? What do we hear from them when they meet with voters? What is the experience they bring to the position they are seeking? What are their values that will help shape their decision-making process?

Then we can consider ways we can support our candidates through financial donations to their campaign and by volunteering to work on the campaign by writing postcards, making phone calls, canvassing areas. Let’s vote for candidates with strong values, intellectual curiosity, inclusive approaches to decision-making, and a plan that moves us forward in positive and lasting ways for everyone.

Shelley Carey, Carmel