Zionsville Education Foundation recognizes teachers and staff with Eagle Honor award 


The Zionsville Education Foundation began sending out its annual Eagle Honor award in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Day beginning in May. 

ZEF’s Eagle Honor award is a special recognition for Zionsville Community Schools teachers and staff members for the impact they made on a student, family or the community. 

Each certificate is sent with a personalized message from the sender to thank the honoree. Honorees include teachers, bus drivers, coaches, councilors, food service workers, and custodians, among others.  

The personal messages and heartfelt appreciation from students and their families mean so much to the recipients,” Executive Director of Zionsville Education Foundation Lyle Browne said. 

Each certificate includes a donation to ZEF of $10 or more to help raise funds for future ZEF grants. 

“ZEF Eagle Honors not only thank our teachers and staff for the incredible work they do, but they also help fund future ZEF grants that give life to teachers’ innovative ideas across the district,” Browne said. 

The Zionsville Education Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the students and staff of the Zionsville Community Schools. Since its inception in 1995, ZEF has raised more than $1.7 million to fund various programs that enhance the educational experience for students in Zionsville Community Schools. 

ZEF is supported by donations from individuals, businesses and community organizations. The contributions allow ZEF to continue its mission of empowering students and enriching education in ZCS, according to the organization.

“There are so many people that work to make ZCS a great place to learn. Teachers are the vital forefront of any school, and their positive impact can make a true difference in a child. Schools are also driven by the multitude of people working behind the scenes to ensure it all runs smoothly,” Browne said. 

For more, visit ZionsvilleEducationFoundation.org.