Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s season concludes with ‘Director’s Cut’


Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s 25th anniversary season has been a celebration of its many works. 

“Throughout the entire season, GHDT has been showcasing repertoire pieces from the company’s distant and recent past,” said Gregory Hancock, GHDT’s executive artistic director. “Part of the 25th-season celebration was to demonstrate how the company’s past has shaped where the company is today. Audience members have been able to see repertoire never seen before or not seen for several years. Dancers have also been able to experience many new works throughout the season.”

The season will conclude with “Director’s Choice,” which is set for 7 p.m. June 9-10 at The Tarkington at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

“As a director and choreographer, it has been wonderful to look back at many vintage pieces,” Hancock said. “One beautiful aspect of a repertoire program is that I can see all the past dancers who have performed in these pieces, as well as shape new dancers into the dances. So, while it is exciting to see new dancers in roles, it is also sentimental to think of the past performers or where my life was at the creation of each dance.”

“Director’s Choice” features seven repertoire pieces.  

“Every dance piece is not always a full-length piece, but often shorter repertoire pieces, which allows the audience to experience a variety of emotions and styles of dance unique to each piece,” Hancock said. “All the dances presented in this program are extremely diverse, ranging from poignant and personal to athletic and exuberant. People often ask what my favorite pieces are, and this is almost impossible to answer. I have favorites for different reasons at different times. The pieces selected for ‘Director’s Choice’ represent a cross-section of the company’s vast and diverse repertoire. Many have been selected to showcase current dancers, but others have been selected because they resonate with me as a choreographer and director.”

GHDT dancer and assistant director Abigail Lessaris said she loves the variety of the pieces.

“Director’s Choice’ is an alluring performance filled with a variety of emotions, themes and music,” Lessaris said. “There are colorful moments of pure fun, movement that is visually stunning and music that will take you on a journey. I am so excited that we are presenting ‘Hooray for Tollywood.’ It is an upbeat piece with bright, colorful costumes. It is a wonderful celebration of Telugu music.”