Column: Enjoy your screen time


Commentary by Bill Bernard

In the project pictured, we installed a wood deck just off the door to the house. The deck steps down to a new paver patio that was configured to accommodate a variety of seating and/or dining layouts. Along the side of the patio closest to their neighbor, we installed a linear pergola. The pergola was constructed of cedar, and between the posts of the pergola we installed a pattern of various sizes of cedar boards. The structure creates a beautiful screen at the edge of the outdoor space.

Screens such as this can be installed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we install them to create a sense of enclosure for a new patio or deck. Sometimes, we use them to redirect the prevailing winds that can blow through our backyards. Sometimes, we rely on them to block the often-intense rays of the sun that can impact entertainment plans. Sometimes, we install them to enhance the relative privacy of an outdoor living space.

Although the example pictured happens to be constructed of wood, screens can be developed using a variety of materials and configurations. A screen can be developed by layering a series of plantings that will grow and become a soft wall. A screen can be curved or linear, short or tall. A screen can be a combination of built structure with plantings that ultimately cover the structure with vines.

Whatever your need, there is a screen wall solution.

Stay home, be moved.