Community rallies to assist disabled resident to acquire wheelchair


Zionsville resident Jon Holtz-Revel has become the focus of a community initiative led by State Rep. Becky Cash (R- Zionsville) to raise funds for a wheelchair that Revel’s insurance will not cover.

The campaign, hosted on the Givesendgo platform, aims to alleviate the financial burden on Revel – who has lived in Zionsville for 20 years — and provide him with a wheelchair that will significantly enhance his quality of life.


To date, $2,545 has been raised. The goal is $12,000.

Revel,53, suffered a spinal injury in 1995 in a work-related accident and has had the same wheelchair for 15 years.

“I have six children. Four of them have special medical needs, with one of my daughters who is in a wheelchair, so I know what it’s like to go through needing medical supplies and insurance not covering it,” Cash said. “I met Jon during my (political) campaign, and his wheelchair has been falling apart since then.”

Revel said he has been duct-taping the wheels of his wheelchair because new parts are no longer available.

CIZ COM 0613 wheelchair

“My daily pain level is a Leve 8,” Revel said. “The fork for one of the wheels fell off my wheelchair in 2021. I’ve needed a new chair since then to be able to get outside and be mobile.”

Revel needs a specialized, low-vibration wheelchair that supports his spine. The wheelchair is called a K5.

“Jon is homebound now,” Cash said. “I’ve spent the last year trying to facilitate helping Jon to get the Medicare insurance approval for the wheelchair he needs.”

For the past 15 years, Revel has hosted an online broadcast called “AbliTV” on Youtube to help others in need.

The specialized K5 wheelchair for the Givesendgo campaign. (Photo courtesy of Becky Cash)

“I started the broadcast when I became fully disabled,” Revel said. “I decided I wanted to be an advocate and be proactive for the people in the community with disabilities. The broadcast helps people get through situations like this.”

Revel said in the summer he “rolls” downtown Main Street in Zionsville and plays music for residents.

“I try to do as much as I can to inspire people as much as possible,” Revel said. “That’s the reason I like rolling around town and playing music.”

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