Carmel Climate Advisory Committee reviews city’s progress, goals at first meeting


In September 2022, the Carmel City Council unanimously approved an ordinance establishing the Carmel Climate Advisory Committee, which is tasked with facilitating the city’s Climate Action Plan.

On July 26, the committee met for the first time to discuss the city’s progress in achieving its climate goals and next steps.

Alexia Lopez, planning administrator in the city’s Department of Community Services, served as the committee secretary during the meeting, which included a review of the CAP.

Lopez said Carmel’s goal is to be carbon net zero by 2050.

“That’s something (Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard) is passionate about,” Lopez said. “There are seven different sectors and 42 total strategies as part of the plan.”

The seven sectors are energy and built environment; transportation; water and wastewater; solid waste; food and agriculture; and greenspace.

At the meeting, Lopez also reviewed the CAP dashboard, which tracks the city’s progress.

According to dashboard data, the city plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 565.94 thousand metric tons per year in the next 12 years, so that by 2035 it would emit 694.48 thousand metric tons per year.

Carmel City Councilor Tim Hannon served as the committee’s temporary chair at the meeting. He suggested the committee create a timeline with goals for implementing aspects of the plan.

“We want to build an action plan with accountability and measurable steps,” said Hannon.

At the end of the meeting, Tony Reck was selected committee chair by a unanimous vote.