Community Health Project approved by plan commission


The Westfield Advisory Plan Commission met Sept. 5 at Westfield City Hall for a consent agenda meeting.

The commission unanimously approved a request from Community Health Network that included a detailed development plan for renovations of two buildings at 2100 E. 196th St. in Westfield.

According to the commission, Community Health Network plans to make improvements to the two buildings that are both approximately 150,000 square feet.

The north building will be turned into a medical office with approximately 78 beds. A loading dock will be added for deliveries for the facility to operate as a hospital, along with a permanent canopy that will be used for patient drop-off and visitors.

Several access improvements will be made, including upgrades to the north side of the property going to and from East Street. The changes will allow patients, visitors and deliveries to drive more easily and safely, according to Community Health Network.

The first floor of the south building is being used as a calling center and won’t change. The second floor will be used for medical office use and will have a staff of about 75. Patients will be seen in the medical office but there will be no overnight inpatient services.