Earth Day Art Contest winners recognized


Commentary by Cindy Muse

More than 270 youth from kindergarten through middle school from 30 schools, Scout troops, green teams and church congregations submitted eco-friendly artwork for the 12th annual Earth Day Art Contest. In an awards ceremony held April 28 at the Carmel Clay Public Library, Carmel Mayor Sue Finkham presented certificates to the semi-finalists and winners.

They are:

  • Lorelai Meeks – Kindergarten
  • Hazel Bancroft – Grade 1
  • Maisie Shea – Grade 2
  • Zelia Bancroft – Grade 3
  • Jemima Shaneck – Grade 4
  • Drew Maddy – Grade 5
  • Weston Twilla – Grade 6
  • Adeline King – Grade 7
  • Dharini Selvakumar – Grade 8
  • Madison Bowser – Solential Energy
  • Madeline Kramarz – Earth Hour Facebook Favorite
  • Haisley Fowle – Earth Day Facebook Favorite

In presenting their artwork, the students emphasized the importance of keeping the Earth clean and beautiful. Maisie commented on the need to protect the environment, while Zelia noted that oceans are homes, too, and need protection from all the trash. Jemima stressed that people can make a difference. And Dharini wants people to notice how they can help make this earth a better one.

You can see this year’s winning entries on the Carmel Green Initiative website at If you know of a student or group interested in participating next year, look for information on the website in January 2025. The contest is open to Carmel students who want to use art to share their love of the earth.

Cindy Muse is a board member with Carmel Green Initiative, Inc. Learn more and contact the group at