Westfield City Council approved greenspace fund


The Westfield City Council approved an ordinance to create a greenspace fund, an action city officials said was a “housekeeping measure” to ensure the fund was on the books properly.

Fund 205, also known as the greenspace beautification fund, was brought for a vote May 28 by the full city council.

“The ordinance properly establishes revenue that can be put into the fund as well as expenditures that the fund can be used for,” said Christopher McConnell, director of Westfield’s Parks and Recreation.

According to the city, Fund 205 was already in use for greenspace needs, but there was no record of the fund being properly established by ordinance.

The ordinance allows specific types of revenue to be deposited into the fund, including donations specifically for landscape enhancement, landscaping and tree planting grant funds and tree density credits.

The ordinance also establishes allowable expenditures from the fund, including tree planting and landscaping enhancement within any city right-of-way or on city-owned property.

Per the ordinance, the greenspace beautification fund “shall be perpetual until terminated by a duly passed ordinance of the council, and any and all monies in the greenspace beautification fund at the end of a calendar year shall not revert to another fund but shall remain in the greenspace beautification fund as separate, non-reverting funds.”

The council unanimously approved the creation of the fund.