Indiana GOP picks Beckwith for lieutenant governor


Hamilton County resident Micah Beckwith is the Indiana Republican Party’s nominee for lieutenant governor following the state party’s convention June 15. 

Beckwith, a Noblesville pastor, announced his campaign for the seat in June 2023 and was chosen despite gubernatorial candidate Mike Braun’s endorsement of state Rep. Julie McGuire for the office. McGuire also was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. 

Beckwith stated in a social media post that he thanks McGuire for her service to the Indiana Republican Party.  

“I wish you well in your next season of endeavors,” he stated. “I look forward to working with the new state chair and executive director to get Republicans elected across the state this fall.”

Beckwith previously served on the Hamilton East Public Library board of directors and was one of a conservative majority that supported a policy that aimed to restrict youth access to books that some consider inappropriate. Following months of controversy related to that policy, the library board voted to reverse it in November 2023. Beckwith was the only board member to vote against the reversal.

Beckwith resigned from the HEPL board in January, stating that he wanted to focus on his campaign for state office. 

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jennifer McCormick stated in response to Beckwith’s nomination that he is the most extreme candidate ever nominated by either party for statewide office. 

“I refuse to turn Indiana over to a Braun-Beckwith team,” McCormick stated. “They are dangerous, divisive and extreme, and embody the fear and chaos that has taken our state on a dangerous path.”

The state Democratic Party convention is July 12 and 13. The general election is Nov. 5.