Boone County Senior Salute recognizes 2024 graduates joining the military


Boone County Senior Salute honored high school graduates who have chosen to serve in the

U.S. Armed Forces May 13 during the fourth annual Senior Salute at the American Legion Post 79 in Zionsville.

“Our mission is to bring to light and recognize the courage and commitment of high school graduates in Boone County who have decided to serve our country,” Navy veteran and BCSS chair Dr. Matt Weinheimer said.

Weinheimer was inspired to create the program based on a similar program in his hometown of Sullivan. He launched Boone County Senior Salute with Zionsville Eyecare owner and fellow Navy veteran Dr. Jim Haines.

“These young adults have raised their hand and said, ‘I am prepared to give my life for the United States of America.’ Students who later become accomplished in their careers such as sports stars, doctors, lawyers and tech entrepreneurs are celebrated yet those stepping up to fight and preserve our freedom often are not,” Haines stated.

senior salute wiley stieber
Senior Salute honorees Cole Wiley and Arianna Stieber. (Photo courtesy of Boone County Senior Salute)

The celebration included honorees Thomas Frazier of Zionsville Community High School, Kalvin Burdine of Lebanon High School, Agustine Prescott of Lebanon High School, Cole Wiley of Western Boone High School and Arianna Stieber of Western Boone High School. The honorees’ families and members of the public also attended. The program included keynote speaker, veteran and author Ron May, who emphasized the importance and need for new recruits into the Armed Forces.

“This group before us is a noble group to whom we will be forever grateful,” May stated.

BCSS is a nonprofit organization that hopes to expand the recognition program statewide.

“While not a veteran I am so moved by this program giving off a proud and heartfelt send off to these graduates,” BCSS committee member Tim Ottinger stated.

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