Plans introduced for new pickleball facility in Noblesville


Plans were introduced to the Noblesville Common Council June 11 for a proposed 57,000-square-foot indoor pickleball facility, The Picklr, to be located at 9847 Cumberland Pointe Blvd. in Noblesville.

The building that would house the recreational facility has been under construction for a while, according to Noblesville Common Council President Darren Peterson, who introduced the project. His architectural business, Peterson Architecture, has a contract for architecture and engineering services related to the build out of a Picklr franchise at Washington Business Park in Noblesville.

Peterson made a conflict-of-interest disclosure when introducing the plans.

“It’s a project we worked on a couple of years ago and it’s still under construction in Cumberland Pointe,” Peterson said. “(The Picklr) has approached the landlord, and we were an artifact of the project and fortunate enough to work out a contract last week.”

The council approved the conflict-of-interest disclosure by an 8-0-1 vote, meaning the council could hear the introduction, and Peterson will not vote when the project comes back for final approval.

Alex Chittenden, with PATCH Development, the developer constructing the building, spoke to the Noblesville Common Council at its June 11 meeting about the project.

“We are excited to team up with The Picklr,” Chittenden said. “We have constructed this building, and The Picklr team approached us and wanted to take the space. They’re one of the bigger pickleball brands in the nation.”

According to councilmember Aaron Smith, the proposed use of the pickleball facility was not included in the building’s original zoning plans, so the project needs to be approved by the Noblesville Common Council and the Noblesville Plan Commission.

“When this zoning was originally approved, there were specific uses, like recreation, that needed to be checked out before going in,” Smith said. “This project is receiving special consideration to ensure items such as parking capacity are reviewed.”

If approved, The Picklr plans to move into the building in the fall.

The proposed facility would feature 19 courts, high-quality outdoor-style surfacing, multiple event spaces, three championship-sized courts, permanent grandstands and an upper-level viewing and lounge area.

Rock said The Picklr Noblesville would be the second of more than six clubs to open in the greater Indianapolis area.

Rock said club membership would include free court reservations, unlimited league play, in-house tournaments and open play. Private coaching, clinics, youth academies and private/corporate events would also be available.

The Picklr Noblesville would be a joint venture between Drew Brees’ BV Pickleball Clubs LLC and Pickle Indy LLC, owned by local Indianapolis businessmen Ron Brock and David Gilreath.

“Our vision is to create a community where people of all ages and skill levels can come together to play this fast-growing sport,” Brees, The Picklr’s brand ambassador, stated in a news release. “Whether you are picking up a paddle for the first time or you’re a seasoned player or pro, we will provide a warm, welcoming, premium quality environment to play and socialize. This club is going to be the premier pickleball club in the Midwest, and we look forward to building the area youth program as well as attracting both amateur and professional tournaments.”

Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen said the Noblesville community has seen a growing interest in pickleball.

“I’m grateful to Drew Brees, Ron Brock and Dave Gilreath for choosing to invest in Noblesville as the next location for its pickleball franchise,” Jensen stated in the same news release. “In Noblesville, we prioritize the health and well-being of our residents, and this aligns with our goal to invest in the overall health of our community. In addition to the health benefits, this premium-quality facility will provide a positive economic impact, with the ability to host events of all sizes and bring visitors to Noblesville.”

The plan will be voted on by the plan commission during its June 17 meeting. If approved, it would go back to the common council for final consideration.

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