Red Barn directors to perform together


Michael Taylor and Luke McLaughlin have not been on stage together in several years at Red Barn Summer Theatre.

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Taylor is Red Barn’s artistic director and McLaughlin is its associate artistic director. This is their eighth year in those positions, and they haven’t been on stage since their second year.

“We’ve been looking for a show where the two of us can get on stage together and interact with each other,” Taylor said. “It doesn’t really focus on our characters or relationship with each other, but (it’s) one where we can have fun with each other in the moments we do have.” 

The two will appear in “The Lone Star Love Potion,” a farce by Michael Parker, set for June 26 to July 7 at the Frankfort venue.

“It’s hard for us to be in a show because one of us is running things while the other is on stage,” said Taylor, who also directs the play.

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Kiara Wood will take control if there are any issues while they are both on stage.

Taylor said the dialogue is fast paced like the action. Taylor said the plot centers on a love potion that may or may not work.

“Everyone is trying to convince the others it does work whether they believe it or not,” Taylor said. “This show is just a lot of fun, it’s your typical farce — in and out of doors, mistaken identities. It’s like most Michael Parker shows. We call it theater in the extreme at an elevated level, as far as heightened energy, heightened characters and heightened story. It’s one we ask the audience to sit back, turn their minds off and just enjoy the ride.”

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