Marian University Prep expands curriculum


Marian University Preparatory School will expand to offer K-12 curriculum, adding grades 9-12, for the 2024-25 school year. Enrollment is underway for the third year of MU Prep. The Indianapolis-based institution offers online courses available to students across the U.S.

“We are very pleased to offer education that focuses not only on the traditional subject matter skill set from science, mathematics, English, language arts, etc., but also in the individual development of the students from the spiritual side as well as developing leaders for the future,” said Joseph Heidt, executive director of MU Prep.

Developed from the goal to provide a quality, faith-based education to students beyond the traditional school setting, MU Prep offers online instruction and in-person opportunities to support families.

Sponsored by Marian University, the school teaches values of dignity, peace and justice, reconciliation and responsible stewardship.

“We partner with a program called Stride K-12, which is a national program,” Heidt said. “The curriculum is very well developed, very well vetted and utilized.”

The independent school within the Indianapolis Archdiocese is staffed by licensed Indiana Department of Education teachers with access to Marian University facilities.

Courses are taught live, providing students interaction with teachers and peers..

“This is a setting where you can support your child by being a learning coach,” Heidt said. “But you have the opportunity for your child to learn from an expert in that subject matter — a very well-educated and well-practiced teacher.”

With online, hybrid and single-course options, families can customize plans, and students are given opportunities to participate in school-based clubs and activities both online and in person. Online assemblies, clubs and activities are available to virtual-only students. Students enrolled in the hybrid program attend classes on the Marian University campus as opportunities arise.

“You may have a science class that’s going to utilize the labs, you may be going to museums, you may be going to fine arts performances, you may be using many of the assets that Marian University offers on its campus,” Heidt said.

The school serves students of all faiths and financial means. Tuition ranges from $400 per semester course to $7,500 for a full year of hybrid instruction. Financial aid is available, and the school accepts Indiana Choice Scholarships.

Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year was 160.

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