Noblesville gym rebrands with name change


By Cassie King

What started as a dream for local fitness enthusiast Denise “Deni D” Mirro has evolved into a mission to create a healthy space for women.

Sweaty Butts Fitness, a gym at 14300 Mundy Rd. in Noblesville, is undergoing a significant transformation to become Deni D Fitness. The rebranding, driven by a need to better resonate with the community and aims to offer women a safe, comfortable space to exercise without the usual gym pressures, according to Mirro.

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Mirro’s journey to opening her gym is rooted in her passion for fitness and many years of teaching experience.

“I have always dreamed of owning my own gym,” Mirro said. “After years of teaching, I knew exactly what I wanted and what members wanted from a group X class.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mirro and her friends explored various gyms but never found one that met all their needs.

“They either offered only one style class, or it was just boring. It was expensive too. I wanted a place that offers everything under one roof for one price,” Mirro said.

The founding of Sweaty Butts Fitness marked the beginning of her journey. However, Mirro soon realized a specific demand needed to be met.

“When I opened Sweaty Butts Fitness, I closely monitored the incoming phone calls and emails asking if I was an all-women’s gym. I knew there was a need,” Mirro said.

Rebranding has been the most significant change in Mirro’s venture. Although changing the original name was bittersweet, she understood the necessity of aligning her brand with her vision.

“Sweaty Butts has been around for a long time, but it just didn’t resonate with the public,” Mirro said. “I’m OK with that and was willing to make a change to bring my dream to fruition.”

With the new name, Mirro aims to create a welcoming environment for women to feel comfortable in their skin, regardless of their fitness level or attire.

“I now offer a place for women to feel comfortable in their own skin, their own level of fitness, the clothes they are wearing and not having to worry about men staring at them and making them feel uncomfortable and, in return, not getting the workout they came for,” Mirro said.

The rebranding process, which began a few months ago, is set to be completed by July for a re-grand opening. As for the services, Mirro assures members that there will be no significant changes to the popular classes.

“Still the same great classes. We are always looking to improve and add to our gym, though. So, keep your eyes and ears open,” Mirro said.

The studio offers the equivalent of three gyms in one: tactical, savage and power Tabata classes, yoga and hip hop.

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