Letter: NIMBY mindset will rot Carmel



I recently read the story “Carmel City Council rejects day care proposal, expansion of Jackson’s Grant Village” in which the Carmel City Council rejected a proposal to allow a 10,000-square-foot day care in Jackon’s Grant Village. How breathtakingly stupid.

We are in the middle of a massive shortage of day cares. Child care costs to new parents are exorbitant and are no doubt helping to fuel the demographic cliff we are barreling toward. Why did the Carmel City Council reject this daycare? NIMBYism.

NIMBYs (Not In My BackYard) believe that almost no new development should take place and single-family housing should rule supreme. They are a nefarious pestilence to every city in the United States and are responsible for the skyrocketing housing costs, high rents for businesses and restaurants and stretching city budgets to their limits. What are NIMBYs terrified of? Density.

Density drives more housing, restaurants, bars, stores and very importantly, higher tax revenue. See the Current’s own story “Carmel Redevelopment Commission’s new interactive map visualizes assessed values by area” from March 28. Density is what makes Carmel a vibrant, growing and unique suburb rather than one of thousands of cookie-cutter communities found across America.

Former Mayor Jim Brainard understood density and the need to say, “Yes In My BackYard.” The current Carmel City Council does not. I hope Mayor Sue Finkam does. Otherwise, Carmel will die a slow death at the hands of people who reject a new day care while new parents everywhere struggle to find childcare. This is NIMBYism at its core, and it will eat away and rot Carmel if we let it.

Don’t let Carmel fade into the obscurity of history. Say, “Yes In My BackYard” and let the city continue to grow and flourish.

Josh Hollingsworth, Carmel