Grant would help pay for outdoor fitness court in Fishers


The City of Fishers has received a grant to help pay for an outdoor fitness court that would cost the city up to approximately $237,000 in materials and labor. 

The Fishers City Council unanimously approved a resolution June 17 accepting the grant funds and agreeing to work with the National Fitness Campaign to plan its installation, pending final approval by the council later this year. 

Prior to the vote, Fishers Director of Recreation and Wellness Jake Reardon-McSoley told the council that the city was chosen as a partner by the National Fitness Campaign for its outdoor fitness court initiative.  

“They’ve created really kind of the world’s best outdoor fitness equipment with a goal of providing fitness for free to all Americans,” he said. “We were fortunate to apply and then get awarded a grant of $30,000 that would be for a fitness court installed in 2025.”

Reardon-McSoley said the proposed court would be 38 feet by 38 feet with equipment that works for a variety of fitness levels. 

“It’s really good for anyone of whatever fitness level, age or ability they may be,” he said. “And it’s designed to be accessible for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. One thing that we got really excited about is, it’s not just a piece of equipment that you allow to sit there and people to wonder how it’s used. There’s actual images and QR codes on all the fitness equipment that links straight to a library with hundreds of activities, challenges, workouts led by experts. They also are free of charge.”

A location for the proposed fitness court has not been established, he said, adding that the resolution is not final approval of the project. The city’s costs will be added to the budget and will come before the council at a later time. 

Reardon-McSoley said a preferred location is one that is accessible to as many residents as possible. 

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