Volunteers build new fences for local stable


Volunteers visited Koteewi Stable and Trails, managed by Ben’s Ranch Foundation in Noblesville, on June 22 to help build fences.

Brose McVey, Ben’s Ranch founder and executive director, said the foundation’s management of the stables creates a platform for teens to work, learn and grow by caring for the horses and facility. They also learn about the business aspects of running a stable.

The all-day event served as a boot camp for teens struggling with mental health issues. According to McVey, Ben’s Ranch Foundation Boot Camps are half-day volunteer opportunities in which a small group of teen participants work on a project at a farm or stable, supervised by adult staff and volunteers.

“We had a motivational, inspiring turnout,” McVey said. “There were a lot of neat people that had never been around the facility or worked with us face to face. We had people volunteering from as far as Fort Wayne. So it was just an exciting day.”

McVey said Ben’s Ranch took over management of Koteewi Stable and Trails in December 2023. The Hamilton County Parks Department granted them 17 acres of pasture, and they decided to make the fence building a project for teens.

“We knew it would take a lot more than the teens, so we had a call out for general volunteers, and we ended up having a group of about 30 people on Saturday, including contractors, trying to get the fences up,” McVey said. “It was 90 degrees or more, and everyone was working their tail off.” 

Volunteers brought tools and equipment, and Sunbelt Tool Rental and McAllister Machinery donated equipment.

“On June 23 and 24, several of the adults and some of our interns came back,” McVey said. “So it’s an ongoing project.” 

Volunteers are still needed to finish installing fencing at the stable. For more, visit koteewitrails.org. 

Two Boot Camps are scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon July 13 and Aug. 3 for teens ages 14 to 18 struggling with mental or emotional health issues. For more, visit bensranch.org