Nonprofit’s initiative aims to beautify Noblesville


The SERVE Noblesville nonprofit held its annual SERVE Week during the last week of June. Several volunteers from the Noblesville community worked on various projects to help enhance the city.

“SERVE week is four days of service projects, where we partner with neighbors, nonprofits, cities and parks and do projects of all different varieties throughout the city,” said Patrick Propst, executive director of SERVE Noblesville. “It involves mobilizing the community to go out and get those projects done in four days.”

Propst said volunteers completed several projects this year.

“We had mural painting, a community giveaway (and did) yard work for residents,” Propst said. “We painted 100 new food barrels with Harvest Food Bank, we packed meals with national disaster emergency services as well as built emergency sheds for across the country when tornadoes and storms hit communities and we also cleaned up Ind. 37.”

The week also included participation by local restaurants, according to Propst.

“It’s difficult for restaurants to come out and participate in SERVE week,” Propst said. “One way for them to get engaged is to offer gift certificates for the volunteers to go out and use. As an asset-based nonprofit, restaurants can use their assets to show appreciation. It was a well-rounded approach this year for SERVE Noblesville to get the restaurants engaged.”

The nonprofit also cleared space off 11th Street and Christian Avenue for a pocket park, a small park accessible to the public, which is part of SERVE Nobleville’s newest initiative to put pocket parks on residential property throughout the historic downtown.

“We started cleaning out one of the properties for a pocket park,” Propst said. “The weeds and trees and shrubs had grown to over seven feet tall, and a couple of volunteers spent a day and a half just clearing that field. We’ve got a landscaper who will come in, and then this fall, we’ll start working on putting in the pathways and the elements of the park.”

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