Letter: Fourth fun



I wanted to pass on a quick story about a delightful experience on the Fourth of July.

For some years, it has been a family practice to watch the Conner Prairie fireworks from the parking lot of the Prairie Trace Elementary school in Carmel.

Last night, whether intentional or not, the Carmel-Clay schools had made a change that made the event much more enjoyable for the 100 or so people who were there.

Orange cones blocked the parking lot entry directly from River Road. Apparently, this was to facilitate the application of a sealcoat to the surface. However, what might be a new parking lot at the rear of the school was open.

The result was that those watching the fireworks parked in the rear and congregated in front of the school. Children and adults had free access to run around the front parking lot without concern for interference or safety.

This all made a special event even more memorable.

John Homer, Fishers