Letter: ‘Inappropriate’ is subjective



I read the letter to the editor from Ray Maddalone in the July 2 edition of Current in Fishers. Yes, banning books is different from moving young-adult books where no one can find them, but it serves the same purpose — keeping kids from reading books intended for young adults.

Since “inappropriate” is subjective, parents should be the ones deciding if their child can read a particular book. Not allowing them that privilege is insulting.

I’m a retiree and frequent library user and whether I vote Democrat or Republican has no bearing on my use of the free public library. I resent being called “radical left” when all I want to do is borrow a book of my own choosing and hope others are allowed to do the same.

I do agree with Maddalone on his definition of the “Big Lie” — one that’s repeated so often it becomes reality. There’s a certain cult leader who is banking on that.

Pamela Jackson, Noblesville