Fishers Town Council Updates


Action: The council approved a “Determination of Statement of Benefits 2012 Compliance” for four businesses.

What it means:

At the June 4 meeting, the town council voted to name four businesses – Comcast of Willow Grove, Nexus Valve Inc., Hamilton Trace Property LLC and Clarke Engineering Services Inc. – fully compliant in promises made to the town in exchange for tax abatements. The staff and council found that the four businesses made good (or close enough to their original goals) on pledges to bring commerce, jobs and specific salaries to the town. Comcast of Willow Grove retains 377 jobs alone. Since approved, the companies can remain on the tax abatements.

Action: The council did not approve the “Determination of Statement of Benefits 2012 Compliance” for one business.

What it means:

There were questions as to if one business, the Hagerman Group, met the expectations set when the company applied for the tax abatements. Because the council did not approve the business outright, a representative must attend the next meeting to explain more details to the council. It would be considered a public hearing. The consequences of not meeting expectations are to be determined.

Action: A request to amend the River Place PUD was approved.

What it means:

The amendment rezoned 17.2 acres of R3 residential land to River Place PUD-M zoning, which is typically open to a variety of structures, including commercial buildings. The acreage will be considered part of the original vision of the River Place development, according to Scott Fadness, town manager. The amendment also sets standards for parking structures and signage. Fishers residents could see new development north of 96th Street and east of Allisonville Road.

Action: Resolution R060412A was approved.

What it means:

The Town Council approved the transfer of capital from various funds to others – for a total transfer of roughly $80,000. When the town’s government decides to use funds set aside for contractual purposes and decides to use the money for a purchase, it is procedure to bring a resolution before the council. According to the council’s action form, the reasons for the funds transfers are three-fold: the purchase of iPads for the Town of Fishers staff, a budgeting error and information technology projects.