Editor made opinion without all the facts



You are right, The First Amendment, something that is the foundation of the freedoms of our country, can have dire consequences when used by those that don’t have our best interests at heart.

I did want to point out that your statement that the riots in the Middle East were because of a movie was not quite correct.  That may be true for some of the unrest, but the attack on the Libyan embassy was well thought out and planned ahead and had nothing to do with the movie.  Our administration knew this, but covered it up for eight days before admitting it was a terrorist attack (however, they will not use the term terrorist, preferring to call it an extremist attack).  Those Muslims that hate the U. S. will use any excuse to riot and blame the U. S., and unfortunately, the idiot that made the film, released it at an inopportune time.  I would suggest you were a little premature in lumping the embassy attack on the movie, with other unrest in the Middle East, without knowing all the facts.

Joseph Lamirand



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