Twitter: Better than two tin cans and a length of yarn


I have a confession to make.

I really have a problem with Twitter. Years back, I got on the social media outlet to joke around and make fun of it from the inside. A machine that just spit out Facebook statuses? Please.

But there’s something more to it. On my personal account, I regularly retweet my friends, random celebrities and parody accounts of President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

On the Current account, I keep my eyes open for any news tips that are floating around on the Internet and send out tweets when need be. Through that I’ve become addicted.

Last week I had the chance to break a bit of news about The Fresh Market opening up at the 116th Street and Cumberland Road. And all of the sudden more Twitter people (Tweeters? Tweeps? Tweople? Twitter users?) began following along. Funny how that works, right?

Now that’s what’s fun about Twitter. It’s an almost direct connection to other people inside and outside of the community.

It’s entertaining to have another mode of conversing with those people. It has a novelty similar to tying two tin cans together and talking to your neighbor holding the other can. Except that string used to the tie the cans together. Today that’s a complicated series of wires, servers, signals and other technical pieces of infrastructure that I can’t really explain.

I just know I send my tweets to people, and I get tweets back. Sometimes they’re from town officials. Sometimes it’s my tweets being retweeted by other followers.

At the end of the day, I want more followers for the Current in Fishers account. So, join me, readers, on Twitter. When I can, I like to tweet out news as it breaks, but I also enjoy live-tweeting events when I can. When the new amphitheater opened, I tweeted until my fingers started getting cold.

When the Black Hawk helicopter landed on Riverside Junior High School’s football field, Current’s followers got a sneak peak of a future cover story. And when the house was packed at October’s Fishers Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, I sent that piece of information out into the Twittersphere.

Join some exciting people in Fishers on Twitter. Maybe I’ll have the chance to Tweet at you!

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