New Year’s resolutions – again


I’ve made it another year, and per my usual M.O., I will now share with you, my adoring public, my New Year’s resolutions. I first did this in 2009, and while a bit frightening to share one’s goals with a few thousand strangers, I found I did a much better job of actually meeting some of those goals that year. 2012 was no different, and though I never got around to painting the family room and still didn’t spend as much time at night with my kids as I’d hoped, I was able to finally get that book published (still available for the incredibly low, low price of $14.95 at!) I also found the patience to ignore the pig sty that occasionally poses as our house. So here’s the list for 2013 … please feel free to mock, judge, and place bets at my expense.

  1.  Paint the family room. We have now been in our home for three winters, and yet our main floor living space is still a bright shade of sun-shiney yellow. (Maybe I don’t want to be happy this morning!) Do I fear commitment, or am I just plain lazy?  Perhaps both, but this baby is going atop the list in 2013.
  2. Swear less. I make this a resolution every single year and rarely see any progress. I admit to a potty mouth, but can’t seem to clean it up. So, damn it, I will try yet again, for the sake of my children and Baby Jesus.
  3. Make new friends. Doo is always encouraging me to be more social, though I truly am happy most nights sitting in a comfy chair with a good book. This year I’m going to squelch that anxiety that creeps up on me whenever I enter a new social environment and actually force myself to meet people! I don’t want to end up a lonely geriatric with cats, no matter how delicious the smut Nora Roberts turns out.
  4. Appreciate my children for who they are, especially my oldest daughter. I frequently find myself critiquing everything from her hairstyle to her clothing choices, and generally for no reason other than I’m in a bad mood. She’s beautiful and interesting in her own way, and I love that she is confident enough to steer away from the mainstream.
  5. Drink less soda. I’m hoping to obtain my caffeine fix through more natural channels like tea and Lindt truffles.

Happy New Year to you, and good luck with your own resolutions! Peace out.