City restricting parking in three areas


The Noblesville Common Council is restricting parking at three locations within the city at the request of street department director Patty Johnson and the traffic committee.

The first location is in the traffic circle in front of 142 Edgewater Dr. This request was made to the traffic committee from Noblesville Schools. Johnson said the traffic circle is used twice daily by buses to pick-up and drop-off students along Edgewater Drive.

“There are often automobiles, service trucks and trailers parked along the traffic circle making it difficult for the bus drivers to maneuver,” she said.

Hoping to prevent motorists from driving on the wrong side of the road is the reason for the change on Wagon Trail Drive near the addresses of 19545 and 19552. Johnson said there was an island between these two homes and when vehicles park at these locations it makes it impossible for other traffic to traverse this location.

The final location is along 15th Street between Harrison and Wayne streets. Noblesville Police Dept.’s Cynthia Rodriguez took a complaint from a resident in that area when residents park on the street, causing difficulty for other homeowners.

“It’s extremely narrow – the size of an alley,” Johnson explained.

The city will now post adequate signs to inform the public of these changes.


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