What happened to truth?


Commentary by John V. Accetturo


One has to wonder what has happened to truth. In years past, the truth took No. 1 position in determining the integrity and honor of a person. Some would say that lying can do more damage to its victims than physical violence. It definitely seems that lying has become the norm in our society, especially with many politicians, public servants, and government in general. How did we get to this point? I believe that people just don’t want to deal with the liars; therefore they never challenge the lies or the liars.

A good example came in the work environment. Employees would call in sick with the lamest excuses, and managers just let it pass. Occasionally, an employee’s lame excuse would be questioned, but management usually still just let it go. Unions got smart and pushed for the consolidation of all leave into one category so employees would never have to be challenged.

Then, we had President Bill Clinton tell the American people he “did not have sex with that woman.” As we eventually found out, this one was a bigger Whopper than the one they sell at Burger King. However, despite impeachment, he is still beloved by a lot of people in our country. Some might say this is forgiveness while others think that people just don’t care that he lied.

Yes, lying has become the norm. Just look at Washington during the past year. You have Benghazi where we were told by numerous elected and appointed officials that some obscure video caused the attack. Next we were told that help was not sent to the Americans under attack in Libya because the military wouldn’t know what it was getting into. Subsequently, they changed the story to say there was not enough time to help. Then we had Secretary Hillary Clinton tells us the “facts” or really the truth didn’t matter, because four people were dead. I can’t even remember all the lies that we have been told about Benghazi.

Now we add the Internal Revenue Service, where again lie after lie has been told to Congress and the American people while the IRS infringed on the constitutional rights of political opponents of the president. Obviously liars are running amok in America and getting away with it. Media commentators on all sides are refusing to call the obvious liars, liars.

Truth is the most powerful thing in the world and sooner or later it does come out. Ignore it, refute it, run from it, however, you can’t change. It would definitely be a better world if more people told the “truth.”


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